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Junior Technical Level Designer

Starting in 2019 with creative creation in Unity and Unreal engine, analysis, and exploration. Independent work on various titles in parallel with studies at game design schools. Strong drive and motivation to learn new things.

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I have always liked creating experiences for people around me and ever since I was young I have been inside editors in an array of different game genres.

Arma 3 was my true entry into game dev. I created scenarios for players. I learned folder structuring as well as how to set up objectives for players, stories, and cutscenes. Arma 3 fueled my interest to delve deeper into real game engines. 


Why level design?

Level design really encapsulates what I really enjoy doing in regard to game dev. I really like manipulating and creating simplistic geometry to portray and create an experience for players to go through. I've had an interest in programming and scripting so that was another angle I found enjoyable in setting up level mechanics and set pieces 



When I'm off the computer I really enjoy painting miniatures from Games Workshop and of course playing 40k.
Another thing I enjoy is sword fencing. Both with sabers and longswords :)


Favorite game

Mount and blade Warband introduced me to the medieval genre and after seeing my brother play it I got instantly hooked on the level of freedom the game offered. All cities and villages can be conquered giving the world a very dynamic feeling to it.

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