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Hongard Castle

Castle for the game
Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Top-Down Map

This is a sketch for LVL 1 of this map. The map features 3 levels.


Design Techniques

Multi level system

Bannerlord utilizes a multi level system that allows players to upgrade their castles. Naturally this presented me with three levels instead of one. Each level should be visually different and would present some sort of level design change that would make it easier for the defender.

Multi level system.gif


I purposely place the castle on a higher elevation than the attacking team to really sell the idea of intimidation. This will also reflect on the interior part of the castle as well. The defender will feel a sense of superiority.


Building with intent

I had to design the castle from two possible scenarios. One being a civilian scenario where AI characters would be wondering about and a siege scenario. Design wise I had to think about how day to day life would work as well as troop movement.


Arrow positions

Archers need great line of sight in order to do any real damage. To further emphasize the feeling of intimidation I made sure in some areas that the pre placed archer positions would be flanking the attackers.



The level features multiple chokepoints that attempts to favor the defenders with narrow corridors and stairs. Even in more open areas I present height changes to further split up the troops to attempt to make it easier for the defenders.



I designed the level based on some references of real world castles. I also had to keep symmetry in mind and make sure the castle would not feel identical on both sides



Breaches can be caused by the attackers that would present them with an easier time in taking the castle. In this example the area of combat gets wider if the castle wall is breached.


Middle lane 


Flow overview

The middle lane presents the main gate of the castle. The attacking player will have to go through two gates in order to reach the inner castle. While attempting to reach these gates the attackers will be bombarded by archers sitting on strategic positions.

Archers placement

When the attackers breach the main gatehouse they are surrounded by walls and archers positions have been placed all around the second gate. As a last effort for the defenders.


Safe return

Defenders in the main gatehouse will be able to safely rotate to other parts of the map since there is no way for attackers to get on the walls until they breach the second gatehouse. I purposely increased the rotation distance the defenders have to travel to balance this out.



The space has varying levels of elevation this is to further sell the grandeur of the castle as well as creating a more interesting space for the player to navigate and fight in.


Left Lane


Flow overview

Left lane presents a very tight space for the attackers to contest over. Defenders have access to higher elevation walls archers can be placed on to further aid the defending infantry.

Fall back positions

If the defenders lose the main wall they can retreat to the archer positons chokepoint which presents a more narrow battleground and a a slope on their favour.


Gate fall back

If the defenders would lose the initial fall back position there is a gate chokepoint just after it they can use to stall the attackers with. These tight chokepoints are placed close to each other to sell the feeling of loosing ground but still giving the defending player hope that they might still retake lost ground.


Right Lane


Flow overview

The right lane features a more open ground initially but will narrow down the further you go from the main walls.

Fall back positions

The defenders can fall back to the houses in order to create a more favourable chokepoint since its a more narrow combat area rather than being in the open. In doing so they will sacrifice the rotation opportunity to mid.


Siege engine

I place a siege engine close to the siegable walls to entice the attackers to attempt to capture it. However, the attackers have to hold the inner yard as well as kill off any defenders rotating towards the right lane to prevent being overrun.  


Archer tower

There is also an archer tower the defenders use when the attackers are close to the walls. If the attackers take the main walls the defenders on the tower is still safe from the attackers since the stairs up to the tower is closer to the mid gate. In short it serves as a balcony for archers.


Final thoughts

When looking back at this map it was truly a dream come true getting the oppertunity to work on a map for the sequel to my childhood game. It was awesome working with the people I did and would love to do it again.

What I really took away from this project was how much elevation changes can change how a map feels to play both using man made structures and terrain features.

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